How to prepare kava


What you need: medium/large sized bowl, strainer bag, water, kava powder

1. Add 40~60g of kava powder to your strainer bag. Tie the top of your strainer bag tight so that no kava powder can escape. Place the bag into a medium sized bowl.

2. Add approx. 600ml of water to the bowl. Submerge and move the bag around in the bowl until all the powder in the strainer is wet. Let soak for 5 minutes.

3. Knead and press the strainer bag in the water, occasionally squeezing it to strain all the water out. Submerge, knead, press and squeeze hard in this manner for around 10min. Discard the used kava powder and rinse your strainer bag.

4. Your kava is ready to drink! Suggested single serving size approx. 200ml.

* Kava works best when consumed on an empty stomach.

* Adjust the amounts above according to taste / strength of kava required. 

* You may wish to pour through a strainer bag once more before drinking depending on taste and strength preferred.

* Wait around 20 min after your first drink to measure the effects before drinking your second drink. The effects of kava build with each drink. If making 600ml, spread this out into two or three cups over an hour, rather than drinking all at once, for strongest effect. 

* Kava has a very strong, earthy taste. Its not the kind of drink you sip on and savour, better to drink each cup fast. Many people like to drink a small juice, ginger beer or salty/sweet snack as a chaser to help with the taste.